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LumaDome ceilings will transform your kitchen from what was traditionally a "workplace" into a cool, comfortable retreat you'll be sure to enjoy. Our ceilings are uniquely designed to maximize the lighting, space, and comfort of your home while creating a brighter, more pleasant environment.

LumaDome ceilings utilize concave translucent panels to light the perimeter of your kitchen or bath, creating additional overhead space for a roomier feel. Then we install a top of the line ceiling fan to circulate cool air throughout the room. The result is a brighter, cooler and roomier kitchen - and one you'll enjoy using!


LumaDome ceilings come in a variety of designs to match your décor. Choose from a long list of stylish options such as solid oak, maple, hickory, American Cherry, alder or our aluminum extruded trims: white or polished brass, and Westwind, Hunter, Emerson ceiling fans. The combinations are as limitless as your imagination. And all materials and workmanship are guaranteed - backed by the trusted LumaDome name.


Each LumaDome ceiling is custom designed and built to fit your home precisely. A LumaDome representative will consult with you at your home, make the proper measurement, offer design suggestions based on experience, provide a written estimate and schedule an installation date - all at no obligation. Plus each LumaDome Custom Lighted Ceiling is installed by trained personnel, often in less than a day.


As an early innovator in the business, LumaDome Custom Lighted Ceilings serve as the benchmark others use for quality design, installation, selection and experience. When the time has come to enjoy life, the time has come for the original…LumaDome - The "Exciting Lighting" people. Call today for your appointment.


Here's why the revolutionary LumaDome is the talk of the housing industry:

Gives you a brighter, more comfortable room

Blends with any décor

Choice of wrap-around or zone lighting

Ceiling fans cool as well as circulate and equalize room temperature


Don't delay. Contact us now and start enjoying all the beauty, comfort and energy efficiency that has made LumaDome a revolutionary idea.


LumaDome surrounds you with light! Want to have extra lighting at your work areas? No trouble. With LumaDome, you can direct light to your countertops or dining area. No more eye straining to read labels or recipe directions. Having a light, airy kitchen is everyone's dream. LumaDome makes the dream a that will last.


True Energy Efficiency

A vital part of the LumaDome System is a Westwind paddle fan. This helps you cut your energy costs considerably.

During the summer, it provides a nice, refreshing cooling breeze. That means your air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard. There will even be days when you can shut it off completely.

During the winter, that expensive heat rises to the ceiling. The ceiling fan lowers the heat to your level. Again, waste is eliminated.


Great for Bathrooms, Too

Once you have LumaDome in your kitchen, you'll be so pleased that you'll want to add it to your bathroom. And you can decide to have LumaDone cove lighting on just one or two walls. It's the beautiful way to have proper lighting for any bathroom. LumaDome will add the modern touch that can update even old bathrooms. It's the splendid, inexpensive way to redecorate.





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