Dedicated Circuits
Small Appliances: Freezer, Microwave, Shop, Garage
Large Appliances: Range, Oven, Dryer, Welder, Compressor
Replace Switches, Receptacles, Plates
Safe Guard Aluminum Wiring
Replaces Breakers, Service Panels
Pool & Spa Wiring, Complete Rewiring
Underground Wiring: Lighting, Pool, Sprinkler Systems
Open Ceiling
Recessed Can Lighting
LED, CFL, Incandescent
Electrical Remodeling
Light Fixture Repair
Paddle fan: Sales, assembly, wired, installed
Fan Repair & Balancing
Outdoor Lighting Installation and Repair
Light bulb Replacement
Replacing Loose or Broken Receptacles and Switches
Smoke Detectors
Garage GFI’s
Outdoor Receptacles
Surge Protection
Task Lighting
Accent Lighting
Outdoor Lighting
Recessed Can Lights
Landscape Light Installation
Landscape Light Design
Bath & Kitchen GFI
Under-cabinet Lighting
Exhaust Fan Installation